Climb aboard the ISS Prospero!

After fruitless months of exploration, the Picaro probe has found a specimen that fits the description of the legend... The truth is that it is difficult to see him as the legendary Germbuster...

Logbook of the ISS PROSPERO
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  • Release Date:

    October 1, 2014

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  • Platforms:

    iOS (8.0 or later), Android (2.3.3 or later)

  • Category:

    Arcade, Maze

  • No. of Players:

    1 player

  • Price:

    Free (offers In-App Purchases)

  • Languages:

    English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese

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Get busting some germs!

For many years the Prospero Space Station has been infected by the Germ Horde. Each year their grip tightens as their bacteria steadily spreads. After months of exploration a new hope has been discovered in the form of S00-T – a small but perfectly formed utility robot. It’s your mission to train him, to teach him the ways of a legendary Germbuster and sweep away the filth to save the Prospero.

With the help of CL1NT his inseparable vacuum cleaning companion, S00-T must explore the Space Station and its maze of rooms. Using skill and strategy their job is to cleanse each level and eliminate the evil germs as quickly as possible. Watch your back! The Germ Horde is clever and will not make the task easy... Collect and use power enhancers to defend yourself and even up the fight.

  • Germbusters-horda-germen
  • Germbusters-potenciadores
  • Germbusters-S00-T
  • Germbuster-legendario
  • Germbusters-mision-fallida


  • Explore the space station with over 50 virus filled maze levels!
  • Various mission types and enemy germs to fight
  • Beat the clock to earn Gold Medals!
  • 8 types of power enhancers to help the robots on tricky levels
  • Collect ‘Germ Free’ badges to unlock the gallery
  • Stunning HD graphics and interface
  • Leaderboards to watch your friends and fight your competitors
  • Free and easy to play, challenging to master!
  • Classic retro style for oldchool gamers!

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Germbusters: Space Painting

Have fun with your kids coloring the characters from game Germbusters!

Develop children's artistic, visual and motor skills with these 10 drawings based on adorable space characters. Ready for coloring!
This paint app for children is designed to be used in an easy and intuitive way, with a system of painting that allows a fantastic final result. In addition, there are not advertising. Perfect for having a good time with the youngest!

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