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How to create rope physics by logic?

Developers, especially novices, are often tempted to use the physic engine to implement the mechanics of the game logic. This is because the mathematical equations needed to carry it out are not trivial and developers probably do not know to implement it without the help of a book or a tutorial. Having...

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Dragon Stories: Imposing and indomitable

The dragons, imposing and indomitable, many love them others fear them. We can say that there are many types are those who freeze your blood and those who warm them. Here we describe a type of dragon, not any of course, the ice ones, yes! it seems simple to freeze, but... nevertheless it has a more...

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Feeling the environments: the magic of particle effects

Getting to transmit certain desired sensations in the scenarios of a game is not only limited to the choice of appropriate models or good lighting, we must accompany it with a series of “environmental effects” that at Fulvinter we have emulated through the Unity ́s Particle Systems. This article is...

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The Lair dissected: An overview about planning ‘Level 0’ (Part I)

Although it is not a finished level nor can I comment on some details, it is a good time to share our way of thinking about Fulvinter’s levels. In particular, how we plan the onboarding phase of the game. Logic design for a piece of level 0 ‘Level 0’ is officially named Niflheim, the Fulvinter’s...

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References: the neverending story

It is often said that the history of the world is an eternal loop that humanity is forced to revive until the end of time, of which it is neither fully aware, nor can it escape. The same goes for the discussion about using references in art: is it cheating or is it necessary? A question whose answer...

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The Creation of a Hero: giving life to the protagonists

In the human sphere of Midgard, mortals coexist with the gods, fantastic beings and elemental forces of nature. In this scenario we look at those who by their force and will defeat the forces and creatures of chaos, these saviors we speak of are the heroes. Fulvinter makes you incarnate in the most...

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