Dragon Stories: Imposing and indomitable

The dragons, imposing and indomitable, many love them others fear them.

We can say that there are many types are those who freeze your blood and those who warm them.

Here we describe a type of dragon, not any of course, the ice ones, yes! it seems simple to freeze, but... nevertheless it has a more commensurable power, it freezes any part of the world it inhabits, who wants their world to freeze?

And one wonders, what are these magnificent creatures like?

Well... of Infinite forms!

These beings are not always characterized by flying, like Nidhogg a great snake that gnaws at the roots of the tree of life, Yggdrasil. That's why an ice dragon can crawl through the ice and snow in the mountains.

All that icy energy, not always a virtue, emanates a heartbreaking ice that kills life, nature. Some even drag a perverse soul, like Fafnir, who for his greed became a snake dragon.

Some are flirtatious, with stalactite horns, elegant and shiny.

Others with passionate, malicious eyes, but soft, shiny skin.

And how do you imagine it?

In any case, never forget that a dragon is something that connects us.

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